Artists and companies represented by MOMAKIN Agency are involved in the execution of numerous film projects around the world. They play an important role in Mexican feature in stop motion, German TV series about WW2, Slovenian children series, as well as in commercials and international coproductions.

Here you will find short descriptions of film projects executed with our contribution. For more details, please visit their supages.


kids of courageKids of Courage (Polish title: Wojna i ja) is a docudrama for kids, based on children’s diaries and memories. It combines three visual elements: drama, archives and models.

All figurines, models and mock-ups were created in Poland, as well as the effect shots – sequences using miniature models and figurines.

INZOMNIA (feature film)

inzomniaInzomnia is an adventure puppet animation produced in Mexico by Inzomnia Animación.

All the character’s concept designs were created by Luis Tellez in Mexico. On the basis of them, as well as the references and precise information about the movement of particular puppets, artists represented by MOMAKIN Agency created a final design of each puppet and its armature design (as well as mechanical heads, for most puppets), before making the final puppets.


Even Mice Belong In Heaven photoAn animation film for children and parents based on an award-winning bestseller, produced by Fresh Films & Hausboot (CZ), Les Films du Cygne (FR), Animoon (PL), Cinemart (SK), Panache Productions (BE).

The artists represented by MOMAKIN Agency are making 30 puppets for this production.

KOYAA (TV series)

Koyaa photoKoyaa is a stop motion TV series for children, directed by Kolja Saksida and produced by ZVVIKS.

Puppets of the main characters were made by the artists represented by the MOMAKIN Agency. Moreover, one of the series’ animators is Bartosz Kotarski represented by MOMAKIN.